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Debunked: Arguments Against Veganism

There are certain arguments against veganism that seem to crop up time and time again. If you're advocating veganism and animal liberation then it's a good idea to be prepared to defend your views. Here are some of the arguments that I hear over and over and the responses that i typically give;   "It's... Continue Reading →

Veganism Is Not Just For Hippies

Veganism has an image problem. Ask anybody what thoughts the word veganism conjures up and chances are that most people will mention the word 'hippie' in their response. Being vegan is associated with a counterculture that is based on a stereotype of free-love, flowers-in-the-hair and peaceful anarchy. Vegans are seen as soft, out of touch... Continue Reading →

Vegan Bagel Burger

For a slightly guilty dinner tonight we made some indulgent, juicy vegan burgers using 'Vivera 100% Plant Based Veggie Steak'. The veggie steaks were cooked in the oven at 200C for 20 mins. Once cooked we then laid slices of Violife Original 'Cheese' on top of the burgers and put them back under the grill... Continue Reading →

Review: CAN Waterloo

I took a trip down to Waterloo on the outskirts of Liverpool last night to try out a brand new restaurant that is 100% plastic-free and 100% vegan! CAN Waterloo opened its doors only four weeks ago and wants to lead the way in eco-friendly dining. The menu changes daily and they try to use... Continue Reading →

Vegan Sweet Treats

One of my main worries about going vegan was missing out on all the delicious sweet treats that I had such a fondness for. I spent half of my childhood at my grandma's house and she absolutely doted on me and my two sisters. One of the ways in which she showed her love was... Continue Reading →

Vegan Hacks: The Calcium Myth

Growing up my mum would always tell me; "drink all your milk up and you'll have strong healthy bones". Everybody knows this. It's something instilled in us from an early age. It's also something that seems to be perpetuated ad infinitum by the dairy industry itself. Aren't they nice, caring about our health so much!... Continue Reading →

Veganism: Why Not Vegetarianism?

I need to preface this post by making it abundantly clear that this is in no way a criticism of vegetarianism - anybody who has taken the conscious decision to make an ethical change to their life in the hope of reducing the needless suffering of animals deserves to be commended. What I do believe,... Continue Reading →

Vegan Nutrition: A Learning Curve

Diving headlong into such a dramatic change like going vegan obviously required some adjustments in my day-to-day life. Chief amongst these was learning how to decipher long lists of ingredients - trying to recognise words that may as well have been written in Latin and determining whether they were animal derivatives. Thus is the plight... Continue Reading →

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