Debunked: Arguments Against Veganism

There are certain arguments against veganism that seem to crop up time and time again. If you're advocating veganism and animal liberation then it's a good idea to be prepared to defend your views. Here are some of the arguments that I hear over and over and the responses that i typically give;   "It's... Continue Reading →

Veganism Is Not Just For Hippies

Veganism has an image problem. Ask anybody what thoughts the word veganism conjures up and chances are that most people will mention the word 'hippie' in their response. Being vegan is associated with a counterculture that is based on a stereotype of free-love, flowers-in-the-hair and peaceful anarchy. Vegans are seen as soft, out of touch... Continue Reading →

Fresh, Clean & Cruelty-Free

Ethical veganism encompasses all aspects of life - Not just diet. It's a lifestyle that rejects the exploitation of animals in any form, whether that be for food, clothing, entertainment or research. Many companies that manufacture cosmetics and toiletries test their products on animals. These tests are brutal and inhumane. They cause unimaginable suffering to... Continue Reading →

Veganism: Why Not Vegetarianism?

I need to preface this post by making it abundantly clear that this is in no way a criticism of vegetarianism - anybody who has taken the conscious decision to make an ethical change to their life in the hope of reducing the needless suffering of animals deserves to be commended. What I do believe,... Continue Reading →

Veganism – How Did I Get Here?

In a few short weeks i will have reached a pretty significant milestone - six.months.vegan. If you'd have asked me about going vegan only 7 months ago, I'd have probably laughed out loud. See, at that point, i was an avid meat-eater with absolutely no considerations beyond what was on the plate in front of... Continue Reading →

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