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Fresh, Clean & Cruelty-Free

Ethical veganism encompasses all aspects of life – Not just diet.

It’s a lifestyle that rejects the exploitation of animals in any form, whether that be for food, clothing, entertainment or research.

Many companies that manufacture cosmetics and toiletries test their products on animals. These tests are brutal and inhumane. They cause unimaginable suffering to millions of animals every year.

The ‘LD50’ test is a standard example of such a procedure. LD stands for ‘Lethal Dose’. In this test animals are administered a substance which is under consideration for use within a product. The animals are given the substance orally, intravenously, via inhalation, or topically. They are given incrementally higher doses of the substance until ’50’ per-cent of them are killed by that specific dose.

Death by this sort of toxic poisoning is horrific. There is no doubt that these animals die an extremely painful death, sometimes slowly and rarely with any pain relief.

The good news is that more and more companies are offering cruelty-free, vegan products that have neither been tested on animals, nor contain any animal derivatives. It’s easy to make the switch to these amazing ethical products! A quick look on Google will throw up lots of results, and you’re sure to find some cruelty-free items in one of your local shops.

Here’s a small selection of my favourite items that I regularly use;



Salt Of The Earth ‘Natural Unscented Deodorant

I’ve tried a few different natural deodorants and this is by far my favourite. I avoid anti-perspirants due to the negative health effects, so a simple deodorant is perfect for me. I opted for the unscented option because I have sensitive skin which is sometimes affected by fragrances, but there are scented options too if you prefer. It contains 100% natural ingredients, so no nasty chemicals like parabens or aluminium chlorohydrate. Although this is not an anti-perspirant, I still seem to sweat less with this on – and i always stay smelling fresh all day long! Plus, it’s travel size so easy to take along in your cabin baggage when you’re travelling! Woop!

From: Holland & Barrett

Size: 100ml

Price: £3.99



Dr. Organic ‘Extra Whitening Charcoal Toothpaste’

Sure, I love this toothpaste because its cruelty-free…but i love it even more because it’s black! Black toothpaste! So cool. It seems counter-intuitive but it really works to whiten teeth. Dr. Organic contains activated charcoal which has many applications, but it works here by trapping plaque and other tiny particles that stain the teeth. It also restores a healthy Ph level within the mouth which fights bad breath, gum-disease and prevents cavities. Peppermint Oil gives it a really fresh, natural flavour.

From: Holland & Barrett

Size: 100ml

Price: £4.99



Faith In Nature ‘Blue Cedar Shower Gel’

The name says it all – Faith In Nature make use of the earths wonderful natural ingredients, shunning harsh synthetic chemicals like parabens and SLS. This fragrant shower gel contains Blue Cedar and Swedish mountain herbs which give it a really uplifting aroma. It lathers really well and is gentle on the skin, leaving you smelling great even after you’ve stepped out of the shower. They also sell female options, as well as shampoo, hand-wash and skin-care products.

From: Holland & Barrett

Size: 400ml

Price: £5.49


Dr. Organic ‘Aloe Vera Mouthwash’

So yeah, it appears that Dr. Organic have a monopoly over my oral hygiene! But that’s fine because they’re great. This mouthwash makes use of various plant extracts, including Organic Aloe Vera, to help soothe irritated gums and fight bacteria. The  Peppermint Oil gives long-lasting fresh breath.

From: Holland & Barrett

Size: 500ml

Price: £5.99


Do you have any cruelty-free products to recommend? Help others make the switch by leaving them in the comments section! (:









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